Dynamic Rack System

  • Ensures first-in, first-out (FIFO) which allows a better control of inventories.
  • Widely used in industry that requires a high turnover (food, chemical, automotive, etc).
  • Reduces 75% of the maneuvers of displacement.
  • It feeds on a continuous basis.
  • Provides large storage capacity by reducing aisles.
  • Allows a greater number of fronts, helping the organization for product selection.
  • The storage area works as a transfer area.
  • Gives a safety and firm area for the load to store.
  •  Requires low maintenance, because it uses high-tech bearings, it can grow and / or be relocated without affecting the system’s physiognomy.

 The design of this system allows it to be removed without damaging or altering its appearance.

The pallets are moved by gravity effect on plastic wheels or metal rollers. Its displacement is controlled by speed reducers, which are on metal frames.

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