Push- Back

  • It is the most useful for refrigerated warehouses, which optimizes the volume of cooling, while minimizing operating costs.
  • Works with a special system based on gravity, which allows accumulating several pallets deep in one position.
  •  Its design allows optimizing space and always has loads available in the front.
  • Reduces aisles, allowing a better use of space in its stores.
  • Optimizes the use and increases the life of the forklifts by making the loading and unloading operation more agile, since the operation is done from the transit corridor.
  • Adaptable to most of the pallets that exist in the market.
  • Minimize the losses, because it prevents damage on stored products.
  • Excellent finishing coating, so its maintenance is minimal.

The design of this system allows it to be removed without damaging or altering its appearance.

Its maintenance is almost nil since the bearings are made of steel, with pre-lubricated bearings and high resistance to impacts. For use in conditions of extreme temperatures.

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